Steyoyoke Radioshow #018 by Dahu

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STEYOYOKE Berlin,Germany

Deep house label Steyoyoke has turned the heads of many since its launch in 2012 and with an ever growing caliber of artists to boast, it's no surprise to see it acknowledged as one of the up and coming labels in the industry. Their talented team of DJ’s and producers have seen recognition from some of the industry's biggest heavyweights and much of this can be accredited to the label’s quality productions.

Steyoyoke Recordings was founded by passionate like-minded individuals, who as a group sustain the rare power of bringing together some of the finest music and art. Their unique ability to combine both creative mediums, provides for an exceptional platform where the art and music compliment each other in a state of balance. The eye catching cover designs and artwork has become synonymous with the Steyoyoke branding and it will continue to be an important focal point, inspiring creative collaborations with a multitude of illustrators and artists.

Steyoyoke is dedicated and committed to discovering only the most forward-thinking musicians. This enables the label to remain firmly planted in the underground scene, where they have the ideal environment to continually push the boundaries of the industry. Steyoyoke's mission is to create a nurtured music experience that really understands the heart and soul of good music, which is upheld by the label's innovative approach and constant flow of new projects. In 2014, Steyoyoke Black was birthed from these very philosophies, paving the way for Steyoyoke's first sub label and forging a fresh avenue in welcoming the return of techno.

Looking ahead, the label is planning to bring you its most refined roster of artists yet. Gathering a repertoire of producers that they are proud to work with, the label couldn't be more excited to share with you its future projects and new found talent. The main roster consists of Soul Button, Dahu, Nick Devon, MPathy, BLANCAh, Aaryon, Ran Salman and Animal Picnic. In addition, artists such as Pete Oak, Talul, Patrick Podage, Skena, Aki Bergen and new comer Ukka will also add strength to the labels ongoing releases.

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