Paskal & Urban Absolutes - Jazzanova Radio Show Guest Mix 07-02-2012


Paskal & Urban Absolutes Berlin / Essen,Germany

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Paskal & Urban Absolutes sound like the perfect invented band name.

However, Alexander Kastner (Paskal) and Adrian Hoffmann (Urban Absolutes) had released music under their respective monikers long before the two got together in late summer of 2009. And as it is sometimes the case when two like-minded creative spirits join forces, the whole can be more than the sum of its parts. That's what Alex Barck, A&R manager of Sonar Kollektiv and member of Jazzanova, quickly realized – so it didn't take a lot of persuasion to sign the duo to his label in 2012.Fortunately, this new home offers perfect conditions for Alex and Adrian to work on their idea of contemporary dance music. Sonar Kollektiv has evolved into one of the most prestigious independent labels in the scene within the last 16 years, thriving on a deep love for electronic music with influences of pop, downtempo, jazz and house. A love shared unconditionally by Paskal & Urban Absolutes. This reflects in their extensive back catalogue of releases and remixes on labels like Quintessentials, Suol, Farside Records, Peppermint Jam and Shaboom - but most clearly in their debut album “LUX”, released on Sonar Kollektiv in late 2013. Although day-to-day matters are mostly settled via the internet due to the geographical distance, the two prefer face-to-face sessions in Adrian’s studio in Duesseldorf or Alex’s place in Berlin to develop their very own signature sound. These sessions will even increase in frequency within the next months, as Paskal & Urban Absolutes have already started working on their second album, scheduled for release in 2015.

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