Rebolledo - Mayan Warrior - 2015 - Burning Man - Friday Sunrise

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2015 was a great year for Mayan Warrior at Burning Man… and now we are ready to start spreading the sets that made our week so special.
We start with what was experienced on the sunrise from Thursday to Friday having Rebolledo on the controls.
The Sci-Fi mood was already set by Barnt who was playing just before, the temperature that night was very low, so honest power and hypnotic vibes were required to flex the muscles and let the mind go leaving the cold behind… and that´s what was delivered…

" I feel blessed to be part of the team of Mayan Warrior, after three years of playing there and two of being in charge of curating the lineups together with Damian Romero… I can only look forward to the next adventures which just keep getting better and better… Thank you all so much… "


Mayan Warrior
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