Question & Freddie Joachim - Mellow Orange Vinyl Podcast Vol. 3

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A summer jazzy mix by Question & Freddie Joachim. Directed by Garvin Ha.

Bobby Hutcherson - Montara
Madlib - Montara
Grover Washington - Loran's Dance
A Tribe Called Quest - Push It Along
Dorothy Ashby - Canto De Ossanha
Phife Dawg - Bend Ova
Question - Find Another Way
Charles Wright - What Can You Bring Me
A Tribe Called Quest - Rock Rock Ya'll
Dizzy Gillespie - Matrix
Lou Donaldson - Pot Belly
Eric Gale - Lookin' Good
Nas - One Love Remix
Ahmad Jamal - Dolphin Dance
Common - Resurrection
Sound Providers - They Call Me

Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising
Nas - Nas Is Like
The Pharcyde - 4 Better Or 4 Worst
People Under The Stairs - Youth Explosion
Ugly Duckling - Lay It On Ya
Giant Panda - 90's
Presto - Bring It Live feat. Lowd
Jurassic 5 - Concrete and Clay
Freddie Joachim - She Reminds Me
Bob James - Love Power
Freddie Joachim - The SO Remix feat. Son of Ran
Mos Def - Travellin Man (Pauze Remix)


Freddie Joachim & Question - Mellow Orange Vinyl Podcast Vol. 2

Freddie Joachim & Question - Mellow Orange Vinyl Podcast Vol. 1

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