Eelke Kleijn - Mayan Warrior - Burning Man 2018

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For his debut at this year’s edition of Burning Man held in the Nevada Desert, Eelke Kleijn collaborated with Studio Drift by composing the intro music called ‘1,000 Lights’ for their performative art drone show called ‘Franchise Freedom’. The spectacle sees a swarm of 600 drones turn into autonomous flying sculptures that brings technology, science and art together in a way never seen before.

‘Franchise Freedom’ is based on various phenomena in nature that expose the tension between individual freedom and safety in numbers. After the intro, the drones take off, guided by Joep Beving’s ‘Ab Ovo’ on piano, to eventually descend again and herald in the beginning of Eelke’s mesmerizing set at the Mayan Warrior art car.

The performance by Studio Drift at Black Rock Desert, was a tribute to visionary Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man, who challenged people to look at the world in a different way. Eelke Kleijn’s composition of ‘1,000 Lights’, will also be part of his upcoming artist album ‘Moments Of Clarity’ that is set to be released on the 22nd of November 2018.


Also, listen to the set on SoundCloud:

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Photo by Nicholas Hess
Cover design by Esteban Armendariz
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