Duckhunter Live Performance Act @ Z Hotel Rooftop NYC

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Duckhunter, is an electronic music producer from New York City who has profoundly began to influence
the NYC Underground Techno scene, bringing together psychedelic and hypnotic grooves with
over-the-edge sounds, brought together with his live musical skills; playing base, guitar, piano, and experimenting
with sound as though it was a liquid substance for over 10 years. A new phase of productions and performances began in late 2009,
when Duckhunter officially signed with UberKontrol Techno label; which prooved to become a homebase
electronic music label for his acclaimed releases from 2008 onward such as; "Ich bin eine Entejager" ("I am the Duck Hunter)
with Alex Salganik (Uberkontrol), as well as "Lockdown JailHouse EP release of 2009" (on Beatport April 11th), "Gravity EP Release",
also Tech House releases such as "TempoRed" and "Teleport" on Elastic Gun Records label in 2008 and 2009.
Duckhunter uses the power of electronic musical sound, to bring people to a religious and almost euphoric
and sedative experience, sharing the energy of his bright-burning, orange and energetic so called "Duckhunt",
which itself tells a story to the party people of a ever-changing adventure though time and space, venturing
to a deserted island on the outskirts of nowhere... Duckhunter's music evolved to have a characteristic & classy
Tech Housy and minimalistic essence, with clean-cut scientific and precise grooves & occasionally twisted psycho-acoustic vocals
with a plastic or rubbery whooling base precicely modified & engineered kick, with 3D transience as well as a spectral array
of groovy and psychedelic sound frequencies. Producing specifically electronic music for only 4 years, Duckhunter
is becoming a new and revolutionary phenomenon in New York City. His active collaborations with artists such as
Unsaved6, Alex Salganik (Uberkontrol), On da Skillet (Aerotropic), Craft (Craftmusicproductions), etc., as well as
label residency on Uberkontrol label and EA Gun Records for Tech House and Minimal Techno releases is greatly anticipated
by dance music events in the Brooklyn Underground Loft Scene in NYC, as well as a whole summer of performances in and
outside of the United States. Duckhunter is constantly sharpening his technical skills as a electronic music producer;
creating his twisted and dancy but at the same time morphed and fashioned futuristic trend of pure and magestic electronic sound
pleasing crowds as well as firing up and sometimes cooling down the energy on the dancefloor.
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