Benzon Guest Mix for BINAR Radio 2012 12 17

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  • 00:58:34
01. Cio D'or - UR ::Telrae::
02. Zoltan Solomon - Pentaora ::Deepindub::
03. Grad_U - EV 2 ::Redscale::
04. Aura Fresh - Alien Spacekraft ::Chord Plaza Records::
05. Onmutu Mechanicks - Phosphor ::Echocord Colour::
06. YouAndMe - Mouche ::Dub2Dust Records::
07. Zoltan Solomon - Tackle ::Catch & Release::
08. Grad_U - EV -2 ::Redscale::
09. 2raumwohnung - Ich Bin Der Regen (Moritz Von Oswald Remix) ::It. sounds::
10. Dublicator - Atmospheric Flow ::Plug & Lay Records::
11. Exos - With The (Re-Edited) (Yagya Remix) ::Aux-Rec::

Benzon (Fiktiv Dub Room / Plug & Lay) Growing with his electronic musical interest in the early 2000s with nu school, breakbeat and drum&bass he's been heavily influenced by a few years of Djing and organising drum&bass club nights called Microforms in Sopron, West Hungary. Around 2007 he fell in love with genres best described as deep, dub, tech, minimal and electronica with their relaxing feel, melodic sounds and mid-tempos. In 2010 he became a part of Plug & Lay and most recently he keeps Fiktiv Dub Room alive, a community channel focusing the Hungarian Dub techno Dj and producer scene. Benzon's Dj sets are house and techno oriented with atmospheric sounds, a melancholic sentiment and daydreaming feel.

Benzon mini interactive interview for
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