Witchtape #28 | Guest Wizz : Aaristos

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Hekske ❋ The House Witchtapes Belgium

It’s a great pleasure for me to announce Aaristos as new guest wizz, the Germany-based DJ with Greek roots, who is a true magician in blending the typically German ethereal electronic sounds with the peerless depths of Greek mysticism. When listening to this set for the first time, my mind slowly drifted away to the Meteora region in North-West Greece, with its unique complex of ancient monasteries perched on top of giant rock formations (some of which tower 400 meters above the surrounding valley). In the 9th century, the first ascetic hermits arrived in this area and settled on top of these boulders, living a life in solitary contemplation above the clouds and only meeting sporadically during their recurrent hermit get-togethers. In the ensuing centuries, the hermits were replaced on the rocktops by orthodox monasteries, which could only be reached by wooden ladders or even ropes. This was only for the brave as these ropes only got replaced ‘when the Lord decided so’. At its peak, there were over 20 rock-top monasteries, of which 6 are still operational at this moment (4 for monks and 2 for nuns). My inner hermit can’t wait to join one of these skyborne monasteries, but only after listening one more time to this set from Aaristos…

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