Upon.You Podcast #36 - Kadosh

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Upon.You Records Berlin,Germany

It is the year 2007.

Electronic music is more popular than ever, especially TechHouse is on a thriving uprise and Berlin already became the buzzing nightlife capital of the world it is known as today.

Amidst all these creative and musical vibes a new label is born - Upon.You Records. Founded in February 2007 by DJ & producer Marco Resmann, with a first release under his moniker Phage on Martin Landsky's Intim Recordings as well as great success as one half of the infamous project Luna City Express under his belt, and electronic music veteran Hawks Grunert, formerly involved in running Timing Recordings with Tanith as well as working for legendary „Frontpage“ magazine, Upon.You Records was already widely recognized for its first release, Phage's „Vut & Vat EP“, and started to drive on the fast lane immediately.

Originally intended to be a platform for music from an inner circle of friends as well as for aspiring young talent it didn't take long until the label branched out in 2008 with first international signings, various label tours all over the place and a first label compilation.

In 2009, after receiving massive support from nightlife heavyweights like Steve Bug, Brothers Vibe, Someone Else and many more, a cover story in German electronic music magazine GROOVE and with a catalogue of roughly twenty 12“ releases Upon.You launched two subdivisions - Upon.You Digital and the momentary Upon.You Sweet & Sour Series – and established a booking agency as well as regular label events at two of Berlin's most praised venues, Watergate Club and the infamous Panoramabar.

Furthermore Upon.You Records teamed up with Workaholics Berlin for the launch of a merchandising line in 2009, introducing the labels unique visual image to the world of street fashion.

With the launch of the annual label retro- / futurespective „Upon.You Diary“ and an expanded core artist family now including Marco Resmann, Martin Landsky, ONNO, Ruede Hagelstein, Gunnar Stiller, Magit Cacoon and The Cheapers alongside many others, 2010 finally paved the way for success and fruitful growth to come in consecutive years in which Upon.You became one of the leading labels in all things TechHouse and related.

And it was even the first issue „Upon.You Diary“ that awed the electronic world with Marco Resmann's widely praised tune „This Song“, immediately ruling every dancefloor after it was released and drawing even more attenttion towards the Berlin-based label which continued to expand its growing international network whilst signing releases by Quenum, Kink or the UK-based longtime ambassador Steve Lawler.

On a jam-packed schedule of about twenty releases per year lately, including Ruede Hagelstein's Beatport smash „Minus“, with label artists touring the globe frequently and armed with the brand new, 2014-launched UYX subdivision focusing on raw TechHouse and classic stamped whitelabel aesthetics, Upon.You has grown into a major force on the international electronic music circuit.

Always on the lookout for new talent and keen to explore new territories, the future looks brighter than ever for Upon.You after entering the longplay circuit with the widely acknowledged album debut of the former Tel Aviv- and now Berlin-based DJ / producer Magit Cacoon, another successful instalment of the „Upon.You Diary“-series and finally entering three digit realms with the release of Marco Resmann's extrordinary gold vinyl 12“ „100“ - the onehundredth Upon.You single release in the label history which was released in late 2015.

And things surely are about to be busier than ever for all members of the Upon.You camp over the course of 2016, celebrating the labels 8th anniversary with a dedicated series of label events all over Europe and special showcases at Sonar / Barcelona as well as ADE and, of course, a string of high quality releases for maximum dancefloor pleasure throughout this season and beyond. Watch out.

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