Third Son - DHL Mix #142

  • 340 Plays
  • 01:01:36
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Deep House London London,Britain (UK)

Third Son has released on labels such as Noir Music, Sincopat, Einmusika, Selador, Stil vor Talent and Definitive Recordings, carving out a spot in the upper ranks of dance music innovators.

He is also the founder of Polymath – set up in 2016 – an imprint which invites artists to share their individual perspective, imagination, style and inspirations through medium of music. Artists like Digitaria, Finnebassen, Kincaid, Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, Franz Alice Stern, Miss Melera, Habischman, and Roboturner have each contributed to the Polymath concept, which asks artists to create pieces inspired by their perception of a singular theme. So far a stunning catalogue has been created around the themes of ‘Nirvana’, ‘Decay’, ‘Soul’, ‘Devotion’, ‘Genus’ and recently with ‘Melancholia’.

Heading sucha forward thinking, creativity first label that has been featured with us on a few occasions, we thought to bring on the Polymath boss for the mix series!

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