The/Das - Receiver (Wasted Ruffians Remix)

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  • 00:06:06
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Wasted Ruffians Berlin,Germany

Wasted Ruffians's Upcoming Gigs
Fri 20 Nov, 15
Rosis, Berlin, Germany

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When you see the two Berliners behind the decks you can really feel their full commitment and their passion for music, alongside partying to it!
Their sets are characterized by a deep and groovy house sound with lots of rousing varieties based on their musical roots like Indie, Hip Hop and Soul.
This typical mix in combination with their energetic style to perform lead them through the Berlin club scene, to international gigs like Social Club (Paris) and 1500m² (Warsaw) or well known festivals (e.g. Melt! and Feel Festival).

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