Telling Tales 033 - Amentia

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  • 01:18:22
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Chapter 24 Records

Our first Telling Tales of 2017 is also an opportunity to welcome new Chapter 24 artists Amentia, whose Prince Des Marais EP will be the label's first release of the year. The talented duo have put together a mix full of organic grooves and a fusion of styles, with a heavily musical first half giving way to a more hypnotic ending.

In their own words, "we recently went for a lonely wander in a tropical forest and would have liked to have listened to this mix as we walked."

Telling Tales is a series of podcasts giving one of the Chapter 24 family, one of our remixers, or one of our headliners an opportunity to deliver us a story in sound. These mixes are sure to separate the signal from the noise.


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