Steffen Kirchhoff | The Way of Nature and the Way of Grace |

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Steffen Kirchhoff Rostock Berlin,

This is my exclusive Live-Set i recorded for KX <3

Deep inside I feel a strong desire to reconnect with Nature, with the Trees, the Plants, the Animals and the Elementals and Devas. It is interesting that we as Humans tend to see us seperated from Nature. The word "Nature" derives from the Latin Word "nasci" which stands for "emerging" or "becoming born". To me Nature reflects Abundance, Beauty, Symbiosis and constant Change and Transformation and in Essence... LOVE.

I think love is our most natural state of beeing. And as Björk beautifullly stated "All is full of Love". I want to allow myself to open up to the Love and support from Life and the Universe and open my Heart to give and recieve Love.

My highest Excitement is creating Music that reflects the Beauty and Love I carry within and the Grace I can witness in the Miracle of Life with all its facets. I am grateful to be able to share this with you and hope it helps you re-connect with your divine Nature and to re-member who you truely are - a spiritual beeing of light, conciousness, infinite potential, a physical body with the ability to create your own reality through thoughts and emotions. We have the Free Will and Ability to choose between Love and Fear, Compassion or Judgement.

Thanx for Listening and all the Love & Support! :) <3



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