Standing Rock in Acid Bogen - Kater Blau SaSoMo 30.10.16

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  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

WARTE:MAL Berlin,Germany

This set is dedicated to the brave fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers who are fighting for a better future at Standing Rock.

In the last weeks I've been following the grotesque picturesque but deadly conflict between native tribes of the land and big corporate fusel powers at Standing Rock in Dakota.

I find it hard to bear when I see my brothers and sisters treated in such inhumane ways. And like with a lot of the horrors that are going on around the world, I get deeply moved and wants to do something about it, but often ends in some sort of despair - for what can we do about all these cruelties? Where to start? With escapism into hedonism? Or how shall we be able to turn over this sick system that has infested the world like cancer and infiltrated every aspect of human life.

The nightmare man created and that we all are recreating and supporting every living hour - brings about so immense pain and fatal consequences - that not only is it going to be our own nemesis - if we don’t change our way of life - but it is already eradicating and endangering all the beautiful life on mother earth. Thousands of species have gone extinct because of mans greed, and with literally dozens going extinct every day, we are all part of a monstrous holocaust.

This grim reality and heavy responsibility is very hard to bear or even deal with, but in music with real soul, deep roots and hope, I feel that I am able to proces it in some ways. Other times when I need to immerse myself in the rave to go through some sort of catharsis I feel blessed that we haven’t eradicated dance culture. For in this ancient ritual I feel a stronger connection to source. And it gives me hope when I in these temporary freespace we create together - to a common beat - meets other souls with the same vibe. I feel a deep sense of belonging when I meet with my tribe and immerse myself in the collective catharsis, the cleaning of the soul, the coming together. A very important step in awakening as one.

This is why I do what I do all day!

Your vibe attracts your tribe

1 <3 and all the blessings


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