SPIELGOLD DJ Mix Series #014 - Sebastian Weiske

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  • 1216 Plays
  • 01:30:00
  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

SPIELGOLD Braunschweig,Germany

SPIELGOLD – that just means playing GOLD.

Founded in the year 2012 in Braunschweig, Germany by Sebastian Weiske with the purpose to release high quality tracks that differ from the same old story. SPIELGOLD has set itself the goal to be the “gold digger” within the electronic music scenery. Its passion is to find the gold nuggets in the mass of fresh produced unreleased tracks and to bring out new talented artists as well. The label stands for sophisticated modern deep and tech house music that shouldn’t be missed in a record case.

Out of love for music and to keep old traditions alive SPIELGOLD releases not only digital but also on vinyl!


Stephan Funkmann feat. Lia - Glückseligkeit EP // Dole & Kom - Better Man EP // Funkwerkstatt & Stephan Zovsky - Chicago Is God EP // Sebastian Weiske - I See You / Runaway // Monetic - Walking Talking EP // Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni - Puttgarden EP // Uschi & Hans - Voices / 33 Degrees - The Remixes // Uschi & Hans - Voices EP // Pornbugs vs. Dole & Kom - Impeller EP // Mattia Pompeo - The Painted Landscape EP // Dole & Kom - Just Together EP // Ivo Deutschmann & Sebastian Weiske - Raindrops EP // Alexander Richter - Faces // Sené Ceanes & Sebastian Weiske - Cold Feet EP // Sebastian Weiske - Highs & Lows EP

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