Soul Button - Steyoyoke Second Anniversary - Ritter Butzke - 14 March 2014

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Soul Button Ethereal Techno,Germany

Soul Button's Upcoming Gigs
Thu 20 Apr, 17
Theater of Dreams , Venue Club, Cairo, Egypt
Fri 21 Apr, 17
Lunar Festival, Gradska Arena Zenica, Zenica, Bosnia Herzegowina
Sat 13 May, 17
Birgit & Bier, Birgit & Bier, Berlin, Germany
Thu 29 Jun, 17
Soul button at Eden, Eden Beach Club, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Since giving birth to Steyoyoke in 2012, Soul Button has spent a great deal of time breathing life into this label. As the heart and soul of Steyoyoke, his producing skills make him an aural innovator, empowering his work with a unique edge and thus stamping it with a distinguishable trademark sound. He has always upheld a closeness with his fans and supporters and it is this connection that helps feed his creative inspiration.

“Each unbuttoned button is a disclosed secret,
a higher level of conscious intimacy.
Each fastened button is a hard barrier, an insurmountable obstacle.
According to that, the button becomes a symbol of communication.”

Thanks to his dreamy effectual podcasts and persistent cutting edge radio shows, including his recent ‘Inner Symphony’ project, Soul Button has substantially increased his following over the last few years with ease. Free from conformity and expectation, it’s safe to say that both his music and persona go totally against the grain.
Soul Button's music is real, honest and genuine and sits neatly in the pocket of Deep House, however its diversity also sees it meld into the outskirts of Melodic Techno. His well-deserved success over the last few years affirms his place in current electronic music scene. His international exposure has absolutely sky rocketed, with ongoing tours and bookings worldwide, plus he is spending valuable time in the studio and consistently releasing new tracks.
‘Shadows’ was his first official EP for Steyoyoke back in 2012, with ‘In My Stride’ well worth a mention as it still receives attention and airplay to this day. ‘Play Again’ and ‘Swift Minds’ were two monumental EPs that followed and more recently, ‘Wraith’, which has gained recognition from numerous high profile artists.
With his sights set well into the future, Soul Button is focused on the continual growth and development of Steyoyoke and with multiple tours of America already booked, 2016 is already shaping up just nicely.

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