Simon Hinter live @ KaterHolzig/ 36 Katzen... tanzen auf'm Tisch

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  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

Simon Hinter Siegen,Germany



First beginning with deejayin' and scratchin', makin' Hip Hop Beats in the late ninetees, Simon is exploring more and more electronic music playgrounds.
Through his work at one of his best friend's Record Store "Kratzer" in his hometown Siegen, he's getting much inspirations and knowledge about music itself.

These years were to create a mastery in melodic electronica and shape a deeper perspective that has found home in labels such as Phil, Love Unlimited Vibes, Midnight Shift,Tenth Circle ao.

Not giving a fuck about musical rules or principles, Simon is serious about his music being his alone, and allowing him to do whatever he wants, whenever. Neither is his small hometown scene of Siegen, Germany, a springwell of talent. Simon’s music is an anomaly that arose not as a result of a scene but from his concentrated efforts as a fun-loving individual with like-minded buddies.

Citing influences such as hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk and rare soundtracks of the sixtees and seventees, Simon identifies himself primarily as a producer, although DJing and his love for these soulful tunes from the past have been cemented in him since age 15.

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