• 397 Plays
  • 00:05:45
  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

Skymning Stockholm,Sweden

Step into hibernation, and give the space that surround you a warm welcome. Close your eyes and think about those places where you felt something, a feeling that fulfilled you, a feeling that lasted. As fantasies and memories become increasingly lucid, you feel your mind opening up. You are restarting. Recharging. Starting to power back up. At this point you’ve almost reached a state of dormancy, at this point you are ready to listen to Dvala.

Skymning is the stockholm based producer Erik Lagerholm. His music is created for a thoughtful crowd that are ready to form new stories based on the music he’s creating. Dvala is his first release on the swedish record label waves / longitudinalwaves.

Dvala consists of three tracks that aim to take the listener on a musical journey through soundscapes that reflect the beauty of nature, through complex thoughts about life and the echo of beating hearts.

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