Sevensol - SoHaSo Podcast Series Vol. 26

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  • 01:10:14
  • Speed: Fast (Techno, Techhouse)

SoHaSo Utrecht,Netherlands

After our 25th anniversary edition we have the invited the lovely Sevensol for the new addition to our next run of SoHaSo podcasts. We had the honour of seeing Sevensol play at our hosting at Paradigm Festival last summer as part of his Manamana outfit together with Jan Barich aka Map.ache. Together with Dennis Knoof (Bender) they also run the incredible KANN Records label, which has a low output high quality approach to everything they do. Techno, down-tempo music, soulful and trippy all fit the description but their sound is surely placed in a garden they have grown themselves. The originators behind the label had very different upbringings but in the label they combine their interest and create a common ground in the love for (diverse) music.

The mix Sevensol has created for us is a nice blend of some of the sounds that can be found on the KANN label. Exposing the deeper and trippier side of the spectrum, not only transitioning from one big climax to the next. We certainly appreciate this breath of fresh air in the sometimes overly pumped up music side of things nowadays. We hope you can enjoy it just as much!


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