Reichelt & Raycoux - Left (Trinity & Beyond - Wasted Time)[ Free Download ]

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Reichelt & Raycoux Germany

"Reichelt & Raycoux“ Indie Tech House

The electronic live act Reichelt & Raycoux is transcending genre and create an intoxicating, crispy Indie Tech House sound with elements rooted in Rock'n Roll, Techno and Pop.

Individual releases on labels such as Freude am Tanzen, Get Physical, Voltage or ZYX Music and collaborations with names like Marek Hemmann, (Left) Andreas Henneberg (Anger), Tube & Berger (Loslassen), Nico Pusch (Sonnenschein) Alle Farben (Blue Remix) mark a few highlights in their discography.

The frictional heat, created by two diverse musical backgrounds from Jazz, Funk, Punk and electronic music, sparks the crispy productions. Reichelt & Raycoux`s live gigs radiate the energy of a punk concert mixed with driving Techno groove, Deep House beats, cutting guitars and smacking baselines. The iconic sound is illuminated by Fabian Reichelt's, adding the electrifying energy with his distinctive voice.

The duos charming and silly appearance, lights up the crowd and strongly connects the duo with the audience, to take everyone on a journey through long nights, that'll make dream you sweat.

By now Reichelt & Raycoux`s frequent live performances at iconic clubs like Watergate and Sisyphos in Berlin, Waagenbau Hamburg or Rote Sonne in Munich are resonating throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The current album „Circle“ is the most vivid quintessence of Reichelt & Raycoux`s sound. Unfolding into 12 colorful Tracks, the concept album goes full circle from the activating track White, to driving Red, pushy Purple and deep Blue to the title track „Circle“. The album „Circle“ is an impressive complete synaesthetical mash up.

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