Rampue Live ISLE 9 SHOWCASE @ Asylum Confidential Honolulu HI Magnutze Mixdown.v.3.

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  • 964 Plays
  • 01:22:02
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Isle 9 Berlin,Germany

Isle 9 is a not-for-profit transcultural project and electronic music promoter based in Berlin.

Every year Isle 9 travels to Hawai'i, bringing deep house, techno and downtempo producers & DJs together be showcased on the islands and also throughout the Pacific - allowing European and Pacific creative cultures to converge. That's why we call our gatherings transcultural exchange events - it is all about mixing up the cultures to discover the potential of collective creativity...

Maybe see you on Oahu one year? Or in Berlin at one of the Isle 9 local events. Until then, #letthewindcarryyou and keep seeking the undiscovered and supporting the talent!

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