Pyrotechnik by Lars Neubert ⊚ PTK 031

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  • 438 Plays
  • 01:13:48
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Melody Lab London ⊚ Limassol,

PTK 031
For our ‘Pyrotechnik’ edition this week, we’ve got Lars Neubert as our cook. The Berlin-rooted producer/disc jockey sets the mood in a serene but deep tone that floats well below the surface. Lars gave this edition a spicy twist, as it is his fastest tempo’ed set in the past 6 years.

Also known as Lars Funk, he started producing in 2006 for labels like Casual Lab, WONNEmusik, Auditive, Cubetribe Records and many more. He has since been portraying his life journey through his records, remixes, DJ sets and live gigs across the country.

Connect with the artist:

Soundcloud: @lars_neubert

Connect with Melody Lab:

Soundcloud: @labofgrooves


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