Premiere: Vincent Gericke - Fierce Intent [trndmsk Records]

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  • 00:06:10
  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

Bespoke Musik Brooklyn, NY,United States

We are happy to present Vincent Gericke’s first EP “Fierce Intent”, which is going to be released on the 22nd of June. It will also be the first EP to be published on trndmsk Records. Furthermore, trndmsk Records is going into slower directions after a two-year break and Vincent Gericke seems to be the perfect fit to reopen this project. He has not only convinced with several mixtapes in the past but has also been putting a lot of focus on music production lately and some of the results can be heard in the EP. The EP consists of four Original Tracks and three remixes from Sarkis Mikael, Elfenberg and Landhouse & Raddantze. The first two tracks serve as a touching and slowly building beginning with a lot of emphasis on instruments such as Pianos, Guitars or the Armenian Duduk while soft synthesizers transition to the last two tracks that are a bit more forward going.

We hope you enjoy this track as much as we do.

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