PREMIERE: Sous Sol - Gyaan [Plötzlich Musik]

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Afterhour Sounds Berlin,Germany


Release Title: Gyaan EP
Artist: Sous Sol
Label: Plötzlich Musik
Catalogue No.: PM016
Release-Date: 21.08.2017

The No. 016 on Plötzlich Musik is the Gyaan EP of the great Sous Sol. They get supported with two remixes by Nikolas Noam (@nikolasnoam) and Hari Erhardt (@harierhardt).

Sous Sol's music is generated by two individuals, Teo and Lukas, who are putting their entire personalities into their art. Their releases have been published on imprints like Gorge's Re:fresh Your Mind and on Mihai Popoviciu's Cyclic Records. Additional stations include: What Happens, Bondage Music, Hive Audio and Marcus Meinhardt's Heinz Music. Sous Sol also teamed up with three colleagues to run their own label named Neustadtmusik. Overall, Teo and Lukas are true club musicians who know their turntables like the back of their hands and as they never stop exploring the musical world they live in, the duo is
successful in creating fresh new music. We are super happy to heave this great artist and lovely people with us in the label.

After Nikolas Noam did the number 014 on Plötzlich Musik, we where amazed and straight asked him todo a remix for us. He is a Germany based artist and producer from Leipzig. Noam’s music is recognized as blue vibe house with a subtitle pop appeal. Noam has released on labels like Blankhaus Music, Union Jack Records and Cimelde.

Hari Erhardt is managing the label Plötzlich Musik together with Beddermann & Dahlmann since early 2016. He did a quite groovy tool remix and sends you on a subtly journey.

The artwork is done by Robin Kowalewsky. A symbiosis of audio and visual art coming soon on Plötzlich Musik.


✘ Sous Sol (Lucerne // Switzerland)


✘ Plötzlich Musik (Berlin // Germany)


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