PREMIERE: Patlac - Blinded [Connaisseur Recordings]

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Fiction Lab Brooklyn,United States

Patlac is the next artist to grace the Offenbach imprint Connaisseur Recordings with an impressive debut album titled “Blinded”. Release day is set for January 26.

Hamburg DJ, producer and a skillful remixer Patrick Müeller Patlac has gathered a loyal fan base, since emerging into electronic music scene 2007. He is a master of creating an emotional yet gorgeous deep sound that blends house and techno with grace and elegance. Patlac’s debut album “Blinded” is a gorgeous elegy to Patlac’s hometown, the city of Hamburg, delicately drawing on the sophisticated sound of house, techno, and electro.

The title track, “Blinded”, serves as the epitome of Patlac’s sonic creations, where an atmosphere and mood evokes inner feelings and thoughts through the richly textured sound. A hypnotic groove and glassy arpeggiated synth lie at the heart of “Blinded” where a warm bass line and crisp harmonies give the track a contrasting balanced sentiment.
write up by : @irina-kotik

Patlac on Soundcloud: @patlac
Patlac on Facebook:
Connaisseur Recordings on Soundcloud: @alexconnaisseurrecordings


Cat-No : cns031-3 (2x12") / cns031LP (digital)
Release Date: 26.01.2017
Format: vinyl - digital - streaming
© 2018 Connaisseur

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