Premiere: Marco Resmann - Viaticum [Upon. You Records]

  • 553 Plays
  • 00:08:24
  • Speed: Fast (Techno, Techhouse)

When We Dip Dublin // Montréal // Berlin,

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Creative mastermind Marco Resmann delivers with his new and heavy duty four track single named ''Voyage'' that presents tasteful sounds to DJs and dancefloors worldwide. Being a world travelling voyager himself, Marco Resmann's four track single is sure to keep you on your feet all summer long. With crisp, clean, and deep sounds, the single will bring you on a musical journey that you will never want to hop off of. One track in particular,"Viaticum“, displays a more scientific, spaced out approach to electronic music. It includes highly defined mid-range drums, buzzing sound sparkles and a beautifully produced string sequence.  These features set a perfect backdrop for the tunes crystalline main motif.

Release date: June 19th 2017

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