Premiere: Luces - Habitual Ritual (Autofac Remix)

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'Habitual Ritual' arrives from Luces, a collaboration between Felix Bloxsom (a.k.a. Plastic Plates) and Caleb Cornett (a.k.a. Amtrac).

The latest release on NYC imprint Let's Play House is Luces' Habitual Ritual.

The four-track EP will be the debut from Luces (a.k.a. Plastic Plates and Amtrac) and also includes a remix from Autofac (a.k.a. Juan Maclean and Shit Robot), whom also debuted on the label earlier in the year. From the big-room stylings of the three originals to the stripped-back dub-infused Autofac remix, Habitual Ritual is an EP that will surely destroy countless dancefloors this summer.

The EP is out now on vinyl and can be grabbed here, with the digital release available via Let's Play House's Bandcamp ahead of the wider release on June 16.

Full stream of Autofac's dubbed-out remix of a cut from Luces' debut EP on Let's Play House, out now.

More info:…n-lets-play-house/


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