Powel - "Cyberiada" for RAMBALKOSHE | 07.08.2018

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RAMBALKOSHE #qaqeemedjenq,

Ask yourself: can you describe what your morning will be like tomorrow? Not just the part when you, say, wake up, brush your teeth and go about your business. That’s not really describing, that’s just listing or rather predicting your morning routine. Just try to describe your morning: what will you first silhouette in the darkness? How will the sun show up and in what colors will the clouds be lit up that day? Which parts will receive the first rays of the new rising sun and how will your body start to feel the warmth? When will the curtains let in natural light and start moving slowly themselves? Describing something you have yet to see is a bit hard, obviously, but @Powel has somehow managed to do that. His podcast is about all the mornings we have lived and all those we are yet to live. All of them. Without exception.

P.S. Cyberiada [sɪber’jada] is the name of a series of satirical-philosophical stories by Polish author Stanislaw Lem. The word "Cyberiadа" - which is the name of a woman - is mentioned in the entire series only once.


illustration by: Khoren Matevosyan

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