Powel & Christian Voldstad - The Gardens of Babylon at Burning Man 2017

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The Gardens of Babylon Amsterdam,Netherlands

For many years we travelled to this magical thing called Burning Man. Looking back to our first year out there, we never realised that this event, simply "a festival" to the outside world, would change us forever.

The community ethos that you find at Burning Man is best understood by its Ten Principles. And once we left the playa for the first time we would long for radical inclusion, communal effort or the fact that people would leave no trace wherever we'd go.

Our Gardens journey is born in Amsterdam and raised on the playa. Forever grateful are we to what we have learned and experienced while being out there. This year we finally knew what we would like to give to the playa.

Together with our family we created a Monday Landing Ceremony at Camp Bang Bang. And like our other events we started this day with a powerful meditation.
We created this meditation to allow people to arrive at the event. To take a moment to get to know the people and the energy around us. To disconnect from the outside world and enter this magical world we call home. It was a beautiful moment for anybody on the playa to set intentions for the week and take time to realise where we and who we are.

There is no Gardens without the incredible sounds from our favourite artists. Before you the M I N D B L O W I N G set by Powel & Christian Voldstad. We worked with both artists separately and never experienced their incredible connection in real person.

Take a trip down memory lane and wander of to the dusty field of Burning Man. The man burns in 352 days, but who's counting?

Lot's of love,

The Gardens of Babylon family

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