Perry ∞ Is Magician On Duty

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  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

Magician On Duty Miami,United States

Welcome back to the Magician On Duty Podcast Series! On this week's editions we welcome Perry.

Every song, a purpose; every note, an intention. A South Florida yoga teacher, Perry began creating music to align the auditory element of his classes with the physical flow. Combining downtempo, tribal house, and ethereal electronic melodies, his mix series "The Space Between" has reached all edges of the globe, gaining support from artists and record labels including trnd​mu​s​i​k, Souq Records and more. Wisdom is knowing we are nothing. Love is recognizing we are everything. Our lives move in The Space Between.​

We are happy to welcome him to our family, and we hope you enjoy this mix as much as we do!

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