Parallells - Burning Man 2018 | Maxa Art Car | The Gardens of Babylon

  • 315 Plays
  • 01:52:14
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Parallells Netherlands,France

A Monday like no other... After 9 hours wait to enter, we cruised the playa for the first time, we joined our Gardens of Babylon family for their welcoming party in Bang Bang, with so many familiar faces and friends, we directly felt at home!
We then hoped on Maxa Camp's magical Deer art car, and drove toward Bang Bang, all of a sudden the party became a moving party, so many colourful bikes were following, we were completely mesmerized, it was the first time we played for a moving dancefloor! Until we reached the playa and then the crowd just didn't stop getting more colourful, more lights, more vibe. It literally was out of this world.
What a welcome to Burning Man <3 !

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