Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise - #018: Soukie & Windish

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  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

Laut & Luise ℬerlin/Cologne,Germany


Laut & Luise is a record-label-event-family-kind-of-movement based in Cologne and Berlin

Sticking together and celebrating friendship intensively for years, Luise was born in 2009 aiming to give love and care as well as to create a home for yet unsettled ideas and curious adventures. While music has naturally been a constant and beloved companion, the spirit of Laut & Luise is much broader than a specific definition of house or techno music can grasp.

Instead of thinking about what might be right or wrong, the progress of creating and building collaboratively, with all its ups and downs and always underlying a continuous transition, has ever been our source of motivation.

Laut & Luise releases carefully selected music on vinyl, individually touched and underlined by a special and characteristic artwork in order to give back at least some love. Luise herself provides dance music, calm and dubby, still with a definite focus on house and techno. Aside from the main label, our younger imprint Luettje Luise is meant to be a playground for sounds beyond genres and borders, trying to stay open-minded like daddy Ernst was.

Klacki Lacki.

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