mehrcast 50 - Rolandson | squeezed in between the heavens

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  • 1172 Plays
  • 01:17:50
  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

Mehrvondenteilen Basel,Switzerland

Rolandson | squeezed in between the heavens | Mehrcast 50

. . . we wanna celebrate a special day in our Mehrvondenteilen history, as we offer you the 50th chapter of the mehrcast series. A number, we’ve never expected to reach and a high quality, always over our expectation, delivered by worldwide musicians and passionated music lovers which brought a high grade of diversity.

Our anniversary surprise is been told by storytelling captain Rolandson, what we are maximum greatful for. Honored by his presence, we feel magnificent to share with you his present for us all.

Rolandson is always forming extraterrestrial worlds, so deep to get lost, so harmonic to find the right path. 

A wise man said:

»The passion of being creative gives me moments of wholeness. Music carries me to the furthest limit where I live squeezed in between the heavens. Come and pay me a visit in the enclave of my choice. It's a place above the town and between the clouds where I hide my thoughts and feelings. The place is surrounded by sounds and the view is most lovely.« R. Johansson, 2018 - vivid shades

Rolandson [Seaside Trip // RITUEL recordings. Paris // KlunkerKranich. Berlin]




Much enjoyable more hours with us



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