Max Cooper - Supine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix - Clip)

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Rodriguez Jr. Paris,France

Olivier Mateu’s wide-ranging inspirations and interests find their ultimate outlet as Rodriguez Jr.,
positioning him as mobilee’s new master of eclecticism.
As one half of French electro act The Youngsters – best known for their two studio albums and
singles for Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications – Mateu has already received enough
plaudits and praise to last a lifetime. The Youngsters’ award-winning productions catapulted them
into the international arena, taking them to some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the
Rodriguez Jr. reveals a different incarnation of Mateu’s musical psyche, one that strides ahead,
guided only by his kaleidoscopic vision; moving through shimmering, contemplative electronica,
to deep and urgent techno, leftfield melodic accents and quirky pop refrains, Rodriguez Jr. is the
by-product of an untamed brand of creativity and a thirst for the new and unexpected. Drawing
inspiration from artists as diverse as Stockhausen, LFO, Carl Craig, Eric Satie, Kraftwerk, and
Michael Polnareff, Rodriguez Jr.’s spirit of adventure translates as soaring creativity, and music
that cannot be pigeonholed.

Mateu manifests Rodriguez Jr. in his MLab Mk5 studio, which brims with vintage synthesizers
and dusty analog gear. Acclaimed Rodriguez Jr. releases for imprints such as Mothership, Boxer
Records and Giant Wheels, prefaced the quirky melodies of his bass-driven house hit Princess
Guacamole for mobilee records, and the tropical techno of Kids of Hula for it’s sister label
Leena Music. Drawing both pleasure and inspiration from live performance, Rodriguez Jr.
relishes the opportunity to realize his project on the stage, and has done extensively throughout
Europe and America. This year it will also be fully realized in the studio, as he will release his
debut album on mobilee in the Summer.
As he restlessly seeks out the ultimate intersection between all of his disparate influences, Mateu
explains it best: “Good electronic music is not a jail,” he says, “It should be enjoyable
everywhere, from dancefloors to living rooms, and by everybody.” Now an integral part of the
mobilee family, Mateu will continue to channel his vision, passion, and love of music into all that
he does, and all that will come.

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