LTJ Bukem MC Conrad Progression Sessions 10 Germany 2004 Munich live

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  • 208 Plays
  • 01:11:14
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

DJ Jo Public Hawaii,United States

I was a working DJ 1996-2001 (UK). Lover of electronic music since 1990. I use this site to share some of my old mix tapes and the best mixes from other DJs that I've accumulated over the years. This is purely for entertainment, sharing and promoting good music, not to make money. For me it's always been about the MUSIC not the business.

I did produce some tracks back when I was DJing but only released a couple of EPs with DJ Roast under the names Low Profile & Two-Step-Two, but I no longer have copies of those tracks. You can find some of our unreleased tracks in my 'Simply Complex' playlist.

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