Love Over Entropy ft. Ripperton - Saints de Glace [Something Happening Somewhere]

  • 503 Plays
  • 00:07:14
  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

LIQUID YOUTH Amsterdam || Amsterdam ||,

Something Happening Somewhere‘s record output is as alluring as its name. Two years after the label’s first “SOMEWHERE” compilation releases, Nuno Dos Santos‘ imprint returns with a new chapter in the series. From spacious, down-tempo atmospherics to Detroit-infused techno, the latest edition features a wide range of unique sounds and untold stories, coming from familiar SoHaSo figures, while still living room for new faces.

Love over Entropy and Ripperton appear on “SOMEWHERE III” with their collaboration track “Saints De Glace”. They deliver a organic down-tempo groover, which slowly eases you in with a drifting melody that ebbs in and out of consciousness and glimmering pads that lure in the night air waiting to catch you off guard.

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