Lente & Crussen - Acid Bogen, Kater Blau 04.10.2015

  • 529 Plays
  • 01:34:54
  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

Lente Oslo,Norway

Booking Contact: sanny@captbook.de

For gigs and any other updates please check my facebook page.

Lente creates a groovy and playful sound, which takes the audience on a great trip. He got in touch to the electronic scene in Oslo and started to do own parties and productions quite some time ago.

He is known for long and deep sets and played together with Crussen in famous clubs, like Sisyphose and Kater Blau in Berlin and many more. In Oslo he is known for crazy day parties and sets, which let people get lost in between.

He is now working on his upcoming EP in cooperation with Crussen for Underyourskin Records and will be going around this planet to give people a smile on their face and spread love. He believes in freedom and peace and thats also a message he wants to spread. Giving people a great time and a chance to love each other is his goal.

Let's go for a journey with Lente!

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