Lee Burridge - Requiem For A Daydream

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  • 05:01:13
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

leeburridge London,

I like to imagine sometimes where the music will travel to. Who it will be given to or shared with. Whether it will be played at an after party in London or listened to on a set of headphones while watching the sun rise from behind a mountain in Tibet. I wonder which tracks you'll fall in love with instantly and which will grow on you as time passes.

I know this is a really long mix and the journey into it and out the other side takes some commitment but, on the plus side, it saves you having to look for anything else to play for ages and ages.

I hope you love the tracks as much as I do and thanks for listening.

As always, this is for Christina. For all those long nights working in the cloud

With love, Lee

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