Kora @ Burning Man 2018 [Sunrise Set on the Maxa Xaman]

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Here is the recording of my very first sunrise set at Burning Man 2018 in the Black Rock Desert. I started playing around 5:45 am, the lights and lasers were still glowing in the cold darkness of the night..as the songs were passing by, the sky turned blue and the horizon warmer. Burners were all facing the deep playa, waiting for the sun to appear. It was an honour to soundtrack this moment and share music in such a magical place. No matter how hard I try, words can barely describe the energy and emotions felt in that instant... I hope music can express it better.

I'd like to thank Maxa Camp & The Gardens of Babylon for inviting me to play on this beautiful Xaman Art Car...the mystical blue deer. 

I’m very grateful to have shared this moment with so many incredible souls, old and new friends.

Merci à mon ami Vince Dub d'avoir photographié ce moment!

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