Kalipo Live @ Watergate Berlin 10.Feb 2017

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  • 898 Plays
  • 01:08:22
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Kalipo ℬerlin,

Berlin, Friday night, far below 0 degrees. Down by the river, inside Watergate, Kalipo plays his first hometown-show of 2017, making everyone forget their winter worries for an entrancing hour. His goosebump-inducing deep-house live-set is magnetizing as always, interlaced with new release, unpublished tracks and edits of songs that will take you back to your most happiest and carefree times.

The techno machinist is showcasing his production skills, his knack for balancing heartfelt melodies with droney bass & his joie de vivre. Evidently, Kalipo is ready and looking forward to mesmerize with his set-up in 2017.

booking; booking@audiolith.net

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