Iorie Live In Concert @ Kater Blau, June 2017

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  • 01:26:28
  • Speed: Slow (Chill Out, Dub, Deep House)

iorie Serafin | Muzo,

Wow, i think i couldn't have asked for a nicer debut live set than this. Since pictures aren't allowed at Kater just imagine this low rolling music with flashy colorful lights and an atmosphere of love and joy <3

Thanks for all my friends who where there and supported me, thanks to the dear Katercrew who made this a really chill thing and special thanks to Clarissa and Nick who made this happened. And most importantly huge thanks to everyone who danced and showed love during the set.

So here it is, my first Liveset, not prearranged just played completely live and free in different dimension of time, including all the little crooks and hiccups in my voice and finger that come with a actual Liveset.
Have a good time and enjoy :)) <3

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