Iorie - Catching The Dawn (Iorie Edit)

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iorie Serafin | Muzo,

Theres a tale of a place where there was no time, no shame, pure happiness and freedom, it was called the Bar 25.
I discovered the Bar 25 in my early teens and all the pictures that i saw and the music that came out of this place inspired in me a wonderful, naive picture of night life. It grew at a time before i really knew what things like drugs and escapism were, only on the love for freedom to be whoever you want, flashy colourful lights and electronic music.
I still carry this picture with me and will never stop believing in it. When i watched the Bar 25 Movie again recently and this one little piece of music by the absolutely insane @reecode came on, i felt this image bloom in my chest and i wanted to honor this place and thank it for were it brought me.
On this note, have a nice weekend!
much love Iorie

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