Ingo Sänger | soulful autumnal vibe

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ingosaenger Germany

Two hours of brandnew & upcoming music w/ a soulful autumnal vibe in my November 2016 edition for Hamburgs loveliest radiostation, recorded live & direct as usual. Thanx a lot for listening!

Ingo Sänger is a veteran in the german House circus and started DJing quite a while ago in the days when good clubnights included a mixture of Hip Hop, Dancehall, House & Breakbeats.

He is producing tunes with Henry L aka Henry L & Ingo Sänger. Their sound is influenced by classic Detroit and Chicago House, which often flirts with Disco and Boogie. These mirror ball fantasies are joined by their Funk, Soul and Jazz stamped Hiphop roots.

Ingo is also part of the duo Westpark Unit (with Herb LF) and runs the label Farside Records.

From 1995 to 2004 he used to play on german radiostation WDR 1Live and founded the Treibhaus show that was quite influential for a lot of DJs & upcoming artists. Since 2010 he is back on air with a monthly radioshow on ByteFM. He played in almost every good club in Germany and of course different intl. DJ spots here and there. Sometimes you can find him playing some music together with harpist Meike Rath as well.

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