HS 150 | Rasi Z

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  • 302 Plays
  • 01:03:25
  • Speed: Medium (House, Deep House, D&B)

Husa Sounds Montreal,Canada

This one is very special for us.

We have reached 150 podcasts in our HS series - and we chose to mark the special occasion with a truly unique and talented artist : Rasi Z

Rasi (@rasiz) is a producer and Dj based in Vancouver. He's quickly proving to be a rising star in the Deep House scene - making strides with his melodic, groovy productions.

His sound can be described as Earthy, Oriental, and Melodic. Instruments laced across bars of groove, and pads which take us to another dimension.

Rasi's mix will transport you, and it was the perfect choice for our milestone 150th mix.

Husa Sounds will publish mixes monthly from now on, in order to showcase DJ talents more appropriately.

Enjoy, Share, and spread the love ! <3

Thank you @rasiz


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