HEIMLICH at UNHEIMLICH in Vienna 2017-10-31

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R o l a n d s o n Seaside Trip | RITUEL recordings Paris | Klunkerkranich Berlin,

Rolandson ~ HEIMLICH at UNHEIMLICH ~ Vienna ~ 2017-10-31

this is the set he played at the UNHEIMLICH event in Vienna: »my friends from HEIMLICH / Vienna invited me for the second time to play at one of their outstanding events. the location [cobenzl castle] is located on a hill above vienna and is such a suitable venue for a halloween party. I had the 2nd slot at that night, that means I started playing earlier [22:00 - 00:30] than at other events. so I decided to start my set with a special UNHEIMLICH_intro ;) and more quietly and to boost it up later. well, what can I say; it was suitable from beginning till the end and all together, we had a wonderful night. THANKS & LOVE to all who were there and made the party possible. I had so much fun during my stay and it was a great pleasure for me to play next to artists like Alex Kaminski ~ Thomas AtzmannZIMT ... sorry for one or two small mistakes and hops during the mix :). «


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