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GedankenKlang e.V. Berlin/Lissabon,

GedankenKlang primarily the connection of people who have found themselves through the common passion music and love. It stands for the fusion of music and feelings.
We are fascinated by the idea of letting artists interpret feelings in a piece of music like love, lonliness, satisfaction, sadness, happieness and let them show what it means to them.
Charlie Chaplin once said:
"We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity; more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost"

...and for us ,this is the reason why we are doing this Project. We love words and emotional release, because every day is full with Poetry. We just need to open up all our senses.
And because everyone is feelings differently and our artists are not committed to a musical direction, everyone is free to do what he wants and that is always a surprise, like Life.

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GK Austausch hier&da

16-18/06/2017 Meeresrausch Festival
10-13/08/2017 Wilde Möhre Festival

past GKEvents

11/03/2017 Klunkerkranich mit @zenocao @zwillingsmann @audiomaxofficial @drwartemal
17/12/2016 Klunkerkranich mit @zenocao - @thesilentsideofaudiomax @bjoern-yobovski - @tantedante - @sebastian-dali
26/11/2016 Crack Bellmer SAUDADE mit @zenocao - @sebastian-dali - @tantedante - @thesilentsideofaudiomax
13/08/2016 Wilde Möhre
15/16.7./2016 Klunkerkranich-Kultstätte Keller
18/06/2016 Meeresrausch Festival Peenemünde
10/06/2016 Crack Bellmer
27/05/2016 Kultstätte Keller
25/03/2016 Crack Bellmer
18/03/2016 Kultstätte Keller, Berlin
04/03/2016 Klunkerkranich
24/02/2016 Crack Bellmer

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