Flowerpowder - Sprizztour (Oberst & Buchner Remix) [VS001]

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Voll Schön Berlin,

VS001 - Flowerpowder - Sprizztour EP releases on May 19.
Preorder here: vollschoen.bandcamp.com

1 - Flowerpowder - Sprizztour (Original Mix)
2 - Flowerpowder - Sekt On The Beach (Original Mix)
3 - Flowerpowder - Sprizztour (Oberst & Buchner Remix)
4 - Flowerpowder - Sekt On The Beach (Tobi Dei Sektappella)

Flowerpowder are Boudewijn Zeldenthuis (17) and Gerolf Naaktgeboren (15) from the small Dutch town of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Fleeing the rural monotony and boredom of Nijmegen at a very early age to travel to Eindhoven, they first met their idols at legendary 1990s clubs like "De Feijnster", "Sytstem X" or "Paradisco".
First sonic experiments soon resulted in notable releases and high profile bookings in reputable clubs all around the globe. Heavily influenced by their first long-distance flight to Trinidad and Tobago in the incredibly hot summer of 2005, both producers started to reconcile their beneluxian musical preferences with a pinch of afro-base and zambo-rave. In their comeback release "Sprizztour EP" Flowerpowder are reinventing the idea of transparent aestival dance music with an irresistible groovy drive while staying rigorously faithful to their roots in Dutch ambient trance techno. Although their ascent to the very top of the global EDM elite does not seem to ever slow down, Boudewijn and Gerolf have managed to stay grounded and never refuse to have - as they say - "a dutchi with the brudis".

Flowerpowder EP has garnered early support from veteran artists and leading media outlets:

"Really shit."
-- H.P. Baxxter

"When I'm really drunk, it's ok."
-- M.Rux

"The Berliner Rundfunk of electronic music."
-- Harald Juhnke

"I even tried setting the turntables to 45rpm, but it still sounded weird."
-- Axel (Sutsche)

"Das in Holland geborene Wahlberliner Deep House-Duo Flowerpowder verzaubert uns in ihrem Erstlingswerk auf dem neuen Voll Schön-Imprint mit tiefen und treibenden Klängen."
-- trndmusik

Created, Caressed and Finished by @niklauskatzorke & @etcha. Remix by @buchneroberst. Thanks to Mark at Calyx and Cem at Jammin' Masters for their meticulous mastering and to Irene Fernandez Arcas for her beautiful cover artwork

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