Fabian Hug b2b /w Moers - Waldgezwitscher Afterhourwarmup (3 hours)

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F A B I A N - H U G void,

tired of this faked social media intimacy.
do your own thing & don't look for trends.
most of my uploads are unsigned since I dont like sending out demos.

don't listen to my music on
crappy notebook speakers.
you need bass.

check 'treatment '

my uploads are low-q. because of rippers.

i like:
agents of time, baastard, baikal, bade rec., brett johnson, clarian, erased tapes, eric volta, in my room, life and death, mano le tough, mantra, marcellis, mild peril, nick galemore, nicolas jaar, pye corner, spectral, stem rec., the drifter, timelapse, us & them, vaal, varysoo and some others..

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