Exclusive Mix | Rolandson (Lose yourself in dreaming thoughts) | February 2018

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Ethereal Kollektiv

Rolandson | lose yourself in dreaming thoughts | Ethereal Kollektiv, Feb 2018

A very special mix by captain Rolandson which is a gift from him for everyone on his birthday :)

Consistent alone is your inconsistency. oh you sea waves, you who can never decide whether you’re the first or the last? you’re forever changing the line, length, lay, with the moon and unpredictable. I lie here for so many years and listen to your inconsistency. oh you sea waves, you rinse thoughts on land and take thoughts with you. you are the stuff which dreams are made of and you are the stuff that takes my thoughts with - so I can lose myself in dreaming thoughts.

Rolandson [Seaside Trip // RITUEL recordings. Paris // KlunkerKranich. Berlin]

booking: booking@seasidetrip.de

soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/rolandson

facebook: www.facebook.com/rolandson.johanson/

Ethereal Kollektiv

soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/etherealkollektiv

facebook: www.facebook.com/etherealkollektiv/

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