Dropcast #015 by Kurt Kjergaard

  • 180 Plays
  • 01:14:15
  • Speed: Fast (Techno, Techhouse)

Jaw Dropping Records Cologne,Germany

We show you our podcast series „Dancing hips / Moving lips“. This Dropcast is hosted by Kurt Kjergaard. Kurt Kjergaard has had a podcast page since 2014 where new sets are posted weekly. For us he has recorded a groovy podcast. We are happy that he join our JAW Family. It’s about loving people and dancing.

Kurt Kjergaard
FB: www.facebook.com/KurtKjergaard1/
SC: @kk-remixe

Jaw Dropping Records
FB: www.facebook.com/Jawdroppingrec/
SC: @jawdroppingrec

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Moving Hips Dancing Lips

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